The Rinks Anaheim Ice: The Premier Ice-Skating Destination in Anaheim, CA

The Rinks Anaheim Ice is a special place where people can make their dreams come true and create unforgettable memories. It provides an unmatched ice-skating experience for the residents of Anaheim, California. However, The Rinks Anaheim Ice is not just any ordinary ice-skating rink. It serves as a central location for skating enthusiasts, hockey players, and ice-skating aficionados. In this write-up, we will delve into the history and attributes of The Rinks Anaheim Ice and explain why it is an esteemed landmark in Anaheim.

History of The Rinks Anaheim Ice

The establishment known as The Rinks Anaheim Ice was founded back in 1995, and has since become a crucial element of the Anaheim community. This facility is currently under the ownership of the Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club and has served as the official training ground for the Anaheim Ducks since its inception. In addition to that, The Rinks Anaheim Ice has played host to a plethora of events, including youth hockey tournaments, figure skating championships, and other ice-skating related events. Over time, this establishment has transformed into a favorite destination for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels.

Facilities and Features

The Rinks Anaheim Ice is a prominent ice-skating facility in California, boasting two NHL-sized rinks. With a seating capacity of up to 1,500 spectators, it is an ideal venue for hosting large events. Additionally, The Rinks Anaheim Ice has a pro-shop that provides equipment rentals and sales, as well as skate sharpening services. The facility also includes a private party room, a café, and a video arcade, making it a perfect location for birthday parties and other private events.

The Anaheim Ice Rinks provide an abundance of programs that cater to people of all ages and proficiency levels. With offerings ranging from figure skating to hockey, The Anaheim Ice Rinks have something to suit all interests. The establishment provides an introduction to skating for novices, as well as advanced instruction for individuals who aspire to compete at a more elevated level. Additionally, the facility hosts hockey leagues for people of all ages, including adults and children, making it the perfect destination for hockey aficionados.

Expert Testimonials

As per Devon Blake, who holds the position of General Manager at The Rinks Anaheim Ice, the facility is not just limited to ice-skating. It is a hub that attracts people who wish to acquire knowledge, compete and socialize with others who have a similar interest in ice-skating. The diverse range of programs and events offered by The Rinks Anaheim Ice caters to people belonging to all age groups and possessing varied skillsets. Hence, it is a suitable destination for families and individuals who enjoy ice-skating.

Emma Martinez, a local who is passionate about figure skating, has expressed her admiration for The Rinks Anaheim Ice as a prime location for fellow enthusiasts. The facility boasts of two generously-sized rinks that are ideal for honing one's skills and participating in competitions. The coaches are amiable and encouraging, and the programs offered are both thorough and efficient. Emma herself has been a regular patron of The Rinks Anaheim Ice for a number of years, and she attests that there is no other place quite like it for her skating needs.


The Rinks Anaheim Ice is not just a place to ice skate; it is a renowned attraction in Anaheim, California that hosts diverse programs and events suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. It has established itself as a central location for ice skating aficionados, hockey players, and enthusiasts and has maintained its popularity with visitors from around the United States. If you are seeking an unforgettable experience on the ice in Anaheim, The Rinks Anaheim Ice is a must-visit destination.

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